La Nonna (Namly)

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La Braceria

Even those ambitious enough to search the streets of Singapore for hidden gems may not come across La Braceria. Located among a row of unassuming stores on a quiet street in the residential neighbourhood of Bukit Timah, La Braceria is an Italian eatery with food so authentic, it will transport you to the Mediterranean Coast. […]

Greenwood Fish Bistro

Nestled in the Greenwood housing estate just off Bukit Timah Road, lies an institution dedicated to fresh seafood. Judging by the army of loyal clientele who swear by it and visit on a regular basis, Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro can’t really be considered a hidden gem. However, if you haven’t heard of it before, […]

Dancing Crab (Turf Club)

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Carnivore (The Grandstand)

A well-choreographed production of tableside carved meats and authentic Brazilian flavours, Carnivore at The Grandstand is every meat eaters dream come true. The idea is simple. You sit down, and passadors bearing skewers of grilled premium meat, carve moist slivers directly onto your plate. Beef, chicken, lamb, fish – there’s no need to limit yourself. […]