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About the Restaurant

The first time we stepped into The Horse’s Mouth, we were, quite honestly, stopped mid-gallop. A warm, smoothly finished wood bar, Shoji-inspired light fixtures that dominate the ceiling, and eclectic touches like the bright colour displays, evoke images of autumn and summer. Lit brightly enough for you to appreciate the details, but still seductively dark enough to leave plenty to the imagination, The Horse’s Mouth is ahead of the pack when it comes to setting the scene for a great night out.

If you’re a hungry horse, then don’t fret. The snack menu is feedbag full of tasty, with the nonkotsu (chicken softbone), tatami iwashi (dried sardine crackers), and eihire (stingray fins) the ideal bar food to take the edge off. Feeling like you could eat a horse? We don’t recommend that, but you’ll be happy to know that you can order from Uma Uma’s selection of umami ramen for something more robust.

As for the thirsty ones, well, the menu looked all well and delicious, but when a joint tells you it’s a cocktail bar, then we believe that drinks have to be bespoke. You might have some trouble remembering what exactly was in them after all is said and done, but that’s the price you pay for delectable cocktails that run the gamut of sweet, sour, fruity, or just straight up strong. Let them know what you want, and there’ll be no horsing around.

If you’re wondering why, or how, a place can be this slick (or why we made so many bad puns), our advice is not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Round up your drinking buddies, saddle up, and ride on down to The Horse’s Mouth. We know a champion when we see one. (May 2014)


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