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About the Restaurant

Glocal is a poor man’s portmanteau for the glamourous local gastronomy presented at The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel. How else to describe the dizzyingly gorgeous lobby, fluttering with hushed, 5-star service? You’d never know this spot once harboured one of the city’s original bustling ports of call for maritime trade. Since 1933, ships would be warmly greeted with savoury local specialties dished out by floating hawkers. Honouring that charming bit of history, The Clifford Pier acts as a showstopping backdrop for all-day Southeast Asian nibbles.

It’s hard to imagine the glittery shores of Marina Bay hosting anything other than the sleek luxuries it’s known for, The Fullerton Bay Hotel being its crown jewel. As such, it’s a lovely thought that The Clifford Pier pays respects to the rich tradition of the Bay’s enterprising currents, showcasing the best that Old Singapore has to offer then and now. And The Clifford Pier isn’t paying tribute with just a local-tinted menu, but rather a fully educated selection including rich Laksa, Soup Kambing, The Pier’s Lobster Roll, Heritage Bites and Wagyu Rendang.

However the homey cuisine doesn’t collide with the frothy aesthetic of the cavernous dining room. As if plucked from the set of a Baz Luhrmann film, the lushly appointed space is swathed in nautical hues of mineral blues, sandy buffs and rich textures. Under ivory arches with a view of the bay, the familiar cuisine at The Clifford Pier is just the opulence you’d expect from The Fullerton Bay Hotel. (Oct 2016)

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