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About the Restaurant

Housed in a colonial black and white, Lewin Terrace is a pristine sanctuary for finely-tuned Japanese-French fusion, with both a dining room and plates that are dressed to impress.

Chef de Cuisine Ryoichi Kano presents a refreshing take on two classic cuisines, rich French techniques and impeccable Japanese ingredients. Sprinkle in a swoon-worthy setting in the verdant gardens of Fort Canning, and you have a recipe for an exceptional evening. A pleasant 10-minute walk from City Hall MRT, Lewin Terrace is suitably positioned near the Registry of Marriages, as if a coy reminder of the spot’s reputation for romance. Indeed the understatedly elegant dining room and al fresco balcony is the site of many a proposal, wedding and anniversary. However the elevated cuisine is equally appropriate for a lovely business lunch or decadent friendly dinner with no questions popped.

The menu fluctuates with incredible frequency, owing to the relentless thoughtfulness of the kitchen. Ingredients are air flown and treated with utmost care, finally presented to the table with gorgeously simplistic plating. A sample selection could start with Bonito Tataki, featuring cherry blossom-smoked bonito slices accompanied with citrusy ponzu foam and a bite of garlic puree. It comes with a bit of Japanese ginger myōga jelly, chives and dashi. And that’s just the starter!

Choose from two set lunch menus ($38 and $70) and two dinner menus ($120 and $180) and allow the talented chefs to compose the dining experience from start to finish, and simply get swept off your feet! (Dec 2014)