L’Entrecôte Wine Bar

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About the Restaurant

L’Entrecôte Wine Bar is a Parisian wine bar serving platters to be shared with friends. A cozy and classically authentic atmosphere, this relaxed Parisian bar is the place to hang out.

There is a delightful selection of small bites and sharing dishes to match the friendly atmosphere and complement your evening drinks. Cheese lovers will enjoy sharing the Tartiflette (a dish with potatoes, Reblochon cheese, bacon & onions) or the Raclette (served with baby potatoes & gherkins). Other authentically French dishes perfect for big groups are the Fondue Vigneronne (red wine) or Bourguignonne (boiling oil) and Pierrade (a table grill on which thin slices of meat & seafood are cooked).

As it is said, wine with a platter of choice is always the best French combination, especially when savored in a peaceful environment with good company. L’Entrecôte Wine Bar will transport you straight into the heart of Paris, with its laid-back
ambience and unpretentious design. A sense of French nostalgia emanates from the vintage photos on the walls, mounted in old-fashioned frames sourced after spending some time in antique shops.

With a cozy and authentic Parisian look and feel, L’Entrecôte Wine Bar evolves into a buzzing “spill-onto-the-cobbled-street” place as you move deeper into the night. It is the perfect way to enjoy a night out with friends. (May 2016)


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