Lai Huat Signatures (East Coast)

About the Restaurant

Chef Patrick proudly traces his lineage to his grandfather who brought Teochew dishes from the to Singapore’s shores in the early days of the nation’s independence, and the family has been serving up their famous Sambal Fish ever since. A tantalizing combination of chillies, shallows, and fermented shrimp paste (better known locally as belachan), the spicy savoury sambal never overwhelms the flavour of the white pomfret. Instead, the fish and sambal play off each other perfectly, an intricate dance of heat, freshness, and sweetness.

It isn’t all just dishes invented in yesteryear though, newer dishes have been added to the menu in the years since. The Crab Bee Hoon is braised in crab stock till the noodles practically ooze seafood sweetness with every bite. With these new additions to the already rich family trove of recipe treasures, a meal at Lai Huat Signatures (East Coast) will be a satisfying sampling of some wholesome traditional Chinese cooking. (Nov 2015)


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