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About the Restaurant

Even those ambitious enough to search the streets of Singapore for hidden gems may not come across La Braceria. Located among a row of unassuming stores on a quiet street in the residential neighbourhood of Bukit Timah, La Braceria is an Italian eatery with food so authentic, it will transport you to the Mediterranean Coast.

Although not nearly as understated as its storefront, La Braceria’s interior is still modestly decorated, with just a few pieces of artwork on the walls to spruce up the decor. The real focus at La Braceria is the food. The traditional menu includes a variety of antipasti, pastas, meats and pizzas from Naples. Although dishes like Insalata di Rucola, Spaghetti alle Vongole, and Ossobuco alla Milanese may seem standard, La Braceria’s food is anything but ordinary, thanks to their fresh ingredients and superior preparation.

Be sure to look in the back for the walk-in wine cellar, where guests can peruse a large selection of wines. After a satisfying meal of high quality, authentic Italian food accompanied by a glass of fine wine, the trip out to La Braceria may seem more than worthwhile. (Oct 2011)