About the Restaurant

There are few things we appreciate more than an awe-inspiring buffet – the counters loaded with ocean-fresh seafood, mouth-watering charcuterie, and of course, tantalising dessert, make for a dining experience that’s hard to beat. A buffet that comes with a view, though, makes it all the better. Kwee Zeen’s outdoor deck then, is exactly where we’d spend any (and every) Sunday afternoon. Sunday’s Champagne brunch offers live seafood, a foie gras gallery, cheese, a tandoor oven, and of course, the piece de resistance, the one-two combo of a dessert trolley and chocolaterie. Paired with the breeze coming in off the South China Sea, a meal at Kwee Zeen is not only good for the belly, its soothing calm is good for the soul.

And if you’re intimidated by the idea of a buffet, then fear not because Kwee Zeen also offers an equally impressive a la carte menu! So whether you’re a bottomless pit or someone with a bird-like appetite, this casual-chic restaurant on Sentosa’s definitely got the right Kwee Zeen for you. (Oct 2015)