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About the Restaurant

Located on Tras Street, Kanda Wadatsumi is a restaurant with old-school roots and a classic Japanese feel. The restaurant is divided into a few sections offering diners various and unique dining experiences. Earth-toned tables are sprinkled around the main room for those looking for a zen retreat, while the sushi bar is lined with mahogany chairs for those looking for a slightly more entertaining experience.

Offering only the freshest Japanese fish, authentic Omakase dishes, and meticulously sourced seasonal produce- Kanda Wadatsumi is a Japanese food oasis. For those who have never devoured this cuisine, items like the Simmered Conger with fresh Japanese cucumber and the Simmered Octopus with Bonito Sauce will make you a believer. And as always, no Japanese dinner is complete without sake. With the extensive sake list at Kanda Wadatsumi, you might just have to try them all! (May 2015)