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About the Restaurant

A legendary oasis for those yearning for a bit of an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Jim Thompson offers exciting Thai cuisine in a stunning British colonial barrack in Dempsey Hill. Bringing together rave-worthy dishes in a heritage venue with such a rich history – this is one of our favourite places for a Thai escape.

We can’t stop raving about the spacious restaurant venue, itself. The clever layout and wide pillars looming throughout the room make the dining experience more intimate, while the modern furniture evokes a sense of grandeur.

However, what’s most impressive about Jim Thompson is their menu. With over 80 classic Thai dishes on the menu, it’s safe to say diners are spoilt for choice. From the crispy Poh Pia Gai to the fiery Khao Phad Graprow Gai (it’s got two chilli peppers next to the dish name on the menu so expect to be sweating) and the refreshing Som-Chun with orange, lychees, and shredded mango – this spot guarantees a delightful foodie-approved journey from beginning to end! (Nov 2015)