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About the Restaurant

IKKI is the little known Japanese incarnation of “bottoms up”. The kanji or Chinese letters are extremely apt, literally translating it to “one breath”. And at IKKI, lunch is like a battlefield, with the kitchen dishing out lunch set after lunch set, the staff seemingly holding their breath until the whole ordeal is over.

Transitioning to the lull afternoon, IKKI brings their own blend of artisanal coffee with waffles, Japanese style. Known as Mochi Mochi waffles or Mmoffles for short, these Japanese waffles are crispy on the outside and extremely chewy on the inside. The waffles can be paired with salty sweet mitarashi and red bean, or customers can opt for the savoury ham and cheese version.

Night at IKKI is a different affair altogether. The whole place slows down and the menu changes from lunch sets to Yakitori or barbecued skewers, and a plethora of Japanese tapas that allow customers to eat and drink at their leisure. And to keep the festivities going, IKKI features local bands playing from Tuesday to Friday. (Nov 2014)