About the Restaurant

The Tanjong Pagar area is home to a bevy of street-level Korean eats but you’re not going to find the luxurious Hyang-To-Gol amongst them. Tucked away in The Amara Hotel, this classy establishment provides refined cuisine that’ll satisfy your cravings for great Korean food.

The ubiquitous barbecue options are present, from Dak-Gooi (marinated chicken) to Saeng Galbi Sal (top grade beef ribs) and Deungsim (prime rib eye), but leave the cooking to the carnivorous friends in the group – they’ll likely know how best to treat the succulent cuts of premium meat and it’s a win win situation because you do less work and get all the delicious tastes anyway! The a la carte menu is equally packed with classics like Soondoobuu Jjigae (soft tofu stew), Kimchi Pajeon (kimchi pancakes), and Deagu-Jeongol (spicy black cod hot pot) – ideal for those who aren’t too keen on smelling like barbecue.

Sure, the price may be steeper than what you’d normally expect from the other restaurants lining the streets, but you’re definitely getting better privacy, fancier digs, and the chance to chow down on savoury dishes that explode with traditional flavours, all carefully prepared by experienced Korean chefs. (Jan 2016)