About the Restaurant

Drawing from the heritage charm of the National Museum locale, this outlet of Food For Thought features all the fan-favourite dishes along with a focus on heritage.

Playing to its mantra to “Share the Good Times”, the restaurant’s look honours both past and present through an emphasis on storytelling. The calming neutral shades of the museum blend into the open dining room, with round marble table tops, wall mosaics and wooden chairs as a homage to the home-style dining rooms and kopitiams Singaporeans grew up with. Greatly influenced by the museum, a feature shelf sits in the atrium of the restaurant that houses thoughtfully curated items and books that are uniquely Singaporean.

Along with bang-up all day brunch dishes, salads, sandwiches and cafe fare, supplementary menu items are inspired by bold Southeast Asian flavours layered with globalised influence. The Grilled Swordfish Quinoa borrows inspiration from a local folklore about a swordfish infestation in Singapore’s old shores, and hence brings the story to life with a hearty portion of swordfish served on a bed of quinoa tossed with roasted vegetables and feta cheese. The Red Rice Wine Chicken is reminiscent of family reunions, with generous servings of chicken alongside homely mee sua and kai lan. The menu features museum specials as well, showcasing unique dishes inspired by exhibits in the National Museum itself.

Whether accompanied by a stroll through the exhibits or not, dining at Food for Thought is a lovely cultural experience worth more than a second thought! (Apr 2016)