About the Restaurant

It’s a name every local coffee lover knows, particularly if you work in the CBD. But Dimbulah Coffee has now opened a cafe outside the vortex of work known as Raffles Place, and nestled in the elegant, open spaces of CHIJMES, is an exemplar for location appropriate design. The clean lines of wood and metal harken to CHIJMES’ own architecture, and with plenty of natural light and fans, it’s the sort of cafe you can spend a whole day at.

You can’t go wrong with All-Day Breakfast, but the evening menu also brings in more traditional options such as a Beef Burger, Anti-pasta platter, or Chicken Schniztel. With a broad selection of wines to match, it’s a seamless transition from work-appropriate coffee and productivity to vibrant bistro-esque food. Day or night, Dimbulah offers the perfect perk up. (Aug 2015)