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As much as we hate sounding like cantankerous old-timers reminiscing for the old days, our meal at COCA really made us realise how much Singapore’s steamboat culture has changed over the years. No idea what we’re talking about? Think back to a time when steamboat broths were subtle, and that you weren’t supposed to start ladling out soup from the get-go. The richness of the soup was something to be built, as you put in a staggering range of ingredients like meatballs, prawns, vegetables, and crab and let everything happily simmer away over the course of your meal. When you finally take a sip of your DIY creation at COCA, you get reminded of just how good classic steamboat can be.

And though the steamboat is at the heart of the COCA dining experience, the branch at Takashimaya one-ups itself by offering some delectable cooked options. Starters like their cockle salad are the perfect start to a meal, and the sharp, spicy dressing definitely mouth watering.

Combined with the classic steamboat items you can find at their other outlets like the house-made meatballs, the signature fish glue, and ocean-fresh seafood, you’ve got everything you need for a meal that is nostalgic, nourishing, and convivial, all in the heart of Orchard Road. (Nov 2013)


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