About the Restaurant

Enjoy an afternoon of excellent food and relaxation at the elegant Chihuly Lounge. Named after renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly, the first things you will notice are the soothing atmosphere and gorgeous glass sculptures, but the food soon takes center stage – especially if you’re there for their Eight-Course Weekday Afternoon Tea.

Featuring a seamless mix of Asian and Western dishes, tea time classics like scones, pastries, and breads combine premium ingredients in a way that sets your mouth watering. Scottish Smoked Salmon with Spinach & Orange Fennel on Pumpernickel, Wagyu Beef Pastrami with Cornichon in Multigrain Roll, and various types of desserts such as Kueh Lapis are just a few of the gems on the list. Lest you think you will walk away still hungry, Chihuly Lounge’s afternoon tea set also offers Roasted Beef Tenderloin or Poached Salmon, which means you can be assured of both flavour and abundance.

So prep that appetite and Chope a table, because Chihuly Lounge takes “having a spot of tea” to a whole other level. (Nov 2016)

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