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About the Restaurant

A well-choreographed production of tableside carved meats and authentic Brazilian flavours, Carnivore at The Grandstand is every meat eaters dream come true.

The idea is simple. You sit down, and passadors bearing skewers of grilled premium meat, carve moist slivers directly onto your plate. Beef, chicken, lamb, fish – there’s no need to limit yourself. It’s an endless flow of meaty goodness where all you have to do is sit, and eat. And eat. And eat. Just when your palate is starting to feel a little jaded, you order a portion of grilled caramelised pineapple whose sharp, tangy sweetness is the perfect way to whet your appetite all over again. All so you can get back to all those delicious cuts of meat.

Don’t just be dazzled by all the succulent barbecued meats and rotisserie-cooked to perfection on offer though. There’s also a buffet spread that shouldn’t be overlooked! With staples like Brazilian cheese puffs, homemade herby chimichurri sauce, pastas and salads, it’s where you should turn to if you feel that you’ve met your match on the protein front.

The meat though – most of which is sourced directly from Brazil like the sea salt, parmesan, farofa spice and nearly every other possible import – is undeniably the draw of this restaurant, and with a name like Carnivore, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

And while these joys can be had at the various other Carnivore outlets, The Grandstand offers a particularly roomy, modern and accommodating dining space with an exclusive Ice Kachang machine at the Dessert Station to boot! What’s more, the breezy al fresco area allows four legged friends to join the table. In all, Carnivore at The Grandstand is a full service satisfier for big appetites seeking a more exotic flavour. (Nov 2014)