About the Restaurant

The idea is simple. You sit down, and passadors bearing skewers of grilled premium meat, carve moist slivers directly onto your plate. Beef, chicken, lamb, fish – there’s no need to limit yourself. It’s an endless flow of meaty goodness where all you have to do is sit, and eat. And eat. And eat. Just when your palate is starting to feel a little jaded, you order a portion of grilled caramelised pineapple whose sharp, tangy sweetness is the perfect way to whet your appetite all over again. All so you can get back to all those delicious cuts of meat.

Don’t just be dazzled by all the succulent barbequed meats and rotisserie-cooked to perfection on offer though. There’s also a buffet spread that shouldn’t be overlooked! With staples like salads and pastas, it’s where you should turn to if you feel that you’ve met your match on the protein front.

The meat though, is undeniably the draw of this restaurant, and with a name like Carnivore, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

And while these joys can be had at the various other Carnivore outlets, doing so while basking in the high glass ceilings of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands definitely radiates a sense of elegance. Whether you’re there during the day when the vista of Collyer Quay and Marina Bay rise so splendidly in the distance, or at night when the buildings on the far side throw up a veritable wall of light, this Carnivore is undeniably a different beast altogether. So sharpen those claws and polish those canines my friends, because there’s no better place to meet. (May 2013)


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