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About the Restaurant

If your mind is drawing a blank at Portuguese cuisine, that’s probably because it’s been non-existent in Singapore… until now. Now, you have the option of BOCA, where you can finally taste authentic homestyle Portuguese dishes, including the soul-warming household favourite – Açorda de Camarão/Bacalhau (or Shrimp/cod “porridge”).

Seafood lovers will warm quickly to the cuisine, seafood features boldly and frequently. The nation’s famous dry and salted codfish – “bacalao” is handled with finesse in the Bacalhau a Braz. Deep fried potatoes, sweet onions, and bacalao are ingeniously combined to bring out a harmony of flavours and rich creamy texture.

Lest you think there’s nothing for meat eaters, you’ll positively light up with the Chouriço Em Chamas (or flamed chorizo) where chorizo sausages are grilled over a spectacular display of fire. Or marry your love for coffee and steak with the Bife à Café where a sinful cream coffee and cognac sauce delivers a caffeine kick to your perfectly grilled steak. With such delicious dishes to be sampled and savoured, BOCA provides a wonderful initiation to Portuguese cuisine. (Jul 2017)