Arteastiq Boutique Tea House (Mandarin Gallery) Arteastiq Boutique Tea House (Mandarin Gallery)

About the Restaurant

A frothy tea lounge in Mandarin Gallery, Arteastiq steeps the elegant traditions of world teas and cuisines in an eye-catching creative space, to produce a one of a kind meeting place.

The look of Arteastiq at first glance is “Alice in Wonderland” inspired. A black lacquered tea bar backs into a screen of delicate birdcages. Beyond that, a row of candy coated furnishings and tufted seating arrangements all have an equal view of lush Orchard below. However, upon closer inspection of the unique lounge, you get hints of cheeky humour, through the punchy menu for example, and robust notes of a full-fledged bistro.

Despite its frilly appearance, the concept is serious about its tea, and offers perfectly paired all day brunch fare, with a select few dinner mains and desserts as well. A peek at the menu is a tumble down the rabbit hole of all the creative things you can do with tea, including Fruit Teas, Floral Teas, Chinese & Japanese Teas, Dessert Teas with Gelato, Tea Lattes and even alcoholic teas and Mar-tea-nis. Stretching its innovation to its neighbouring space, Arteastiq also houses an art studio complete with easels, paints and brushes for tea sippers to explore their own imaginations.

Don’t grab a canvas without having a bite first, and you may gain more inspiration, as Arteastiq’s plating arrangements are often as fanciful as the dishes. The Aurora Eggs Benedict is served with Arteastiq’s signature lemon butter sauce and Portobello mushroom over rich egg and brioche. The Morning’s Flush comes with hearty black waffles sandwiching roast beef and caramelised onions, accompanied by fluffy eggs in tomato shell, and mesclun salad with turkey ham. For a lighter option, try the Rocket Geisha salad with thick smoked salmon, peppery rocket, and parmesan cheese tossed in an olive oil dressing. For dessert, there’s tea of course! Our pick is the Conquer Cao, which is a lovely medley of Ginger Spiced Tea with Cointreau Bitter Chocolate Gelato. (Dec 2014)