Al Forno (East Coast) Italian Restaurant Al Forno (East Coast) Italian Restaurant

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About the Restaurant

A sunny retreat that has been an East Coast staple for 20 years, Al Forno really knows what it’s doing when it comes to fresh Italian favourites.

With all the Italian options in Singapore, it’s no wonder the competition is stiff enough to see many a restaurant come and go, but Al Forno has stood the test of time and tastiness with a beautifully simple philosophy. Take the freshest Italian ingredients, make dishes that people know and love, and the diners will come. And while it’s now a common claim to source ingredients like vine ripened whole tomatoes and peppery parmigiana directly from Italy, Al Forno was the first to do so, with exclusive imports since 1995. That means the dishes here have been tasted, tweaked and perfected so that you can’t go wrong with anything on the diligently genuine, yet approachable menu.

The Linguine All’ Aragosta, more commonly known as Lobster Linguine, is a house favourite, featuring salty capers and olives punctuating a naturally sweet red sauce made from cherry tomatoes. Succulent chunks of lobster tail and thick noodles of linguine soak up the sauce perfectly. For more of that divine signature sauce, go for the Spaghetti Cartoccio, which is studded with a mix of shelled seafood and baked up in a decadent foil package for two. From the pizzas, the Pizza Con Carne is a knockout, with all forms of meaty deliciousness arranged neatly atop the authentic foldable crust. The Pizza Rollo is a great starter or family pick, featuring a melt of ricotta, spinach and ham all rolled up. Looking quite charming atop their trademark checkered tablecloths, all the dishes taste as good as they look! (Mar 2015)